Carriage House, Nr. Aldeburgh Suffolk

This Carriage House is part of a larger project that we’re currently undertaking. Originally it would have been built as an outbuilding to house horse-drawn carriages and any related equipment but our brief is to turn this old rundown farm building into a luxury two bedroom property fit for the 21st century.

We have painstakingly tried to restore and renovate as many of the original features as possible including replacing and repairing old beams using traditional methods, reusing slates to reroof the property and trying to keep some of the interesting features like the handmade internal sliding window shutters.

The building has undergone extensive renovation with the external brick work being restored or replaced where needed by Chris the master bricklayer. This corner of the Carriage House had to be replaced as it had been substantially damaged over the years. Old bricks and lime mortar were used to make the job look as authentic as possible.
The roof on the Carriage House wasn’t weatherproof so it was important for us to upgrade this quickly before the autumnal months were upon us. We were able to salvage over 50% of the slate from the original roof and reuse them. We worked with Clement Windows Group who specialise in conservation roof lights to supply these magnificent roof windows and we’re happy to report we are now watertight and able to concentrate on the inside.
This week sees us starting to insulate the inside of the Carriage House. There’s still a long way to go, but we can start to see the rewards for all of our hard work.
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