Traditional Timber-Framed property - Suffolk


A timber-framed property dating back in parts to the 16th century and thought to have originally been separate detached dwellings was added to in the early 17th century and altered considerably in the 20th century.

Revive & Restore were appointed to complete timber frame and sole plate repairs and bring the house back to its former glory. This involved undoing some of the work completed during the 20th century including removing cement render and plastic guttering.


The property required Listed Building Consent which we obtained on the owners’ behalf. The sole plate and timber frame repairs were sympathetically undertaken with the cement render removed and the original bricks reused to infill between the timbers. Several handmade windows in Douglas Fir were made and fitted by Church and Gooderham, reusing the original metal window lights. Lead glass panels were refurbished where needed and reinstalled. Externally Savolit boards were used before lime rendering the property and finishing off with a lime wash. The plastic gutters and downpipes were replaced with beautiful cast iron replicas to suit the building’s period.

Traditional methods for timber frame repairs
Timber frame repairs
Timber frame and sole plate repair
Timber frame property new window

A sympathetic restoration of this beautiful property which saw the reinstatement of traditional materials to restore its original splendour.

Some words from the owner:

“Revive & Restore does exactly what it says on the tin! R&R employs real craftsmen who removed the concrete render from our 17th-century farmhouse, skilfully restored the damaged timber frame and windows and left us with a revived structure that will last for many generations to come. I am very pleased with the quality of their workmanship and the beauty of the finished product. I would have no hesitation in recommending Simon James and his team of craftsmen to anyone with a property to revive and restore.” A. Meggs

If you are planning a similar restoration of your own, please contact us and we’ll be happy to talk you through your project.