Georgian Restoration (Suffolk)


This distinctive property set in the High Street of a pretty Suffolk coastal village has, for many years, been of significant community interest. The veranda, which in the past has been used as a stage for local carol singers to perform to the village, and the stonework to the front of the house required refurbishment and in parts replacing. Positioned on the main road through this heritage coast village, access was tricky, not only for scaffolding but also for deliveries and carrying out the work required.


The metal canopy of the veranda, decking, lattice trellis work and parts of the metal structure was removed and, where possible, refurbished. Where original parts were past saving, new replacements in the original materials were crafted to recreate the original structure including a new hardwood decking and zinc roof. The materials were painstakingly resourced for the structure and the replacements for the damaged stones at the front of the house were made by Collins and Curtis Masonry Ltd of Ipswich. To finish the project off cast iron guttering was fitted.

Veranda Milestone House
Milestone Hous
Milestone House Yoxford

A very interesting project with an absolutely stunning result using a variety of materials to reinstate this property as a gem of the High Street.

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