It’s always a treat to find original parts of a building that we can reuse in the restoration and renovation of a property. And at this property, we struck gold!

Stone mullion window installed 

Working on period and listed properties, we often come across bits of the original fabric of the building scattered around, buried or even stored and, we love to find ways to reuse it.

On this beautiful Clock House in the heart of Suffolk, we were lucky enough to come across lots of old stone that was once mullion window frames. These perfectly matched the rest of the property’s windows and, we believe they were removed from part of the property in the past. We suggested to the owners, that we could cut a new window into the billiard room and add another to the new gable end to reuse these beautiful stones. Some of the stones were covered in moss and, they had all weathered differently.

Our highly skilled brick-layers selected stones to create a finished window that looked like it had always been there. The owners particularly liked the varying colours and felt that it gave even more character to the property.


Stone mullion window installed


For us, the restoration and renovation of the buildings we work on is paramount, as is using traditional and original materials to complete the look where possible.

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