2020 has been an incredibly challenging year, we’ve faced lockdowns, material shortages, social distancing and panic buying of loo rolls! But as this year draws to a close, we reflect and look at the positives this pandemic has brought to us. We’ve ridden the storm and come out the other side in fair shape, we’ve found lots of additional suppliers of materials that we didn’t realise existed prior to COVID and as a family firm, we’ve appreciated that different people have dealt with this pandemic in different ways and everyone’s entitled to their view.

We’re extremely grateful to our customers, the architects that we work with, our suppliers and our incredible team of craftsmen and management staff who have embraced the hurdles we’ve faced this year. So, as we draw a line under what will be an unforgettable year, we look forward to 2021 and the projects we have lined up. We’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2021.

Best Wishes from Revive & Restore Ltd