Bats don’t drive us batty!

Bat slate

On our projects, we regularly discover bats in outbuildings and sometimes in lofts and cellars too. As bats, their homes and breeding sites are protected by UK Law, it is important to be familiar with the legislation and know who to turn to for advice (for more information visit Everyone at Revive & Restore Ltd makes sure to stick to the legislation and helps to create a home for the bats which doesn’t impact too heavily on the home-owners.

On a current project, a Country Hall near Aldeburgh on the Heritage Coast, we are making several concessions for the resident bats, namely; bat boxes on trees, fitting bat slates to the roof and adding access slots in the soffits to provide access to the loft space from below. A specialist Ecologist is overseeing these additional works and is moving any bats that need to be relocated by hand.

It’s hoped that when the full restoration is complete, clients and bats will be able to live in harmony.