Silicone Rendering…..looking to the future!



At Revive & Restore we love traditional materials, and we always strive to use the appropriate material, for the application and period of the building. We do recognise however, that new and exciting products constantly hit the market, and we need to keep abreast of all options for solving particular problems.

One such exciting new product is silicone render, which we’ve used recently in a number of applications. We source our render from a local business, EWI Store in Ipswich, the guys there are super helpful. We also sent our team to be trained by EWI Store at their base in Chessington.

The product requires the correct render boarding over the structure to be rendered, then you apply a reinforced base coat, and a final top coat. The top coat is pre coloured, very flexible, highly breathable, with excellent frost and water resistance.

 We recently used the product on a chimney stack in a very exposed coastal location…plus check-out our lead work too…beautiful!



Here’s another application on a loft conversion we’ve just completed, where we applied it to the new dormer structure.